Run campaigns across multiple channels instantaneously and at scale

Ad Optimization

IQM delivers the infrastructure, networking and analytics to ensure your ads reach your audience quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost per impression. Our ad servers are designed to dynamically test, identify and scale top-performing ad units across target audiences, so every bid is optimized. We know that milliseconds can mean the difference between your ad being viewed or not viewed and we ensure fast, low-latency service delivery.

Ad Creation & Management 


We’ll manage all your creative assets in one place, enabling us to rapidly reuse assets to activate new channels and media sources. Our dynamic creative capabilities allow you to assemble smarter, data-driven creative than can go live within minutes.


 Reach voters across a variety of devices and platforms. Our scalable services allows a deversification of  impressions all over the internet

Voter Insights

Working with multiple data providers and analytics platforms results in data fragmentation and the potential for audience overlap. IQM provides one secure platform for all your voter data so you can gain a deeper understanding of voter behavior. Accessing the most recent, accurate data and real-time analysis leads to valuable insights you can use immediately.

We activated digital ad campaigns from across the political spectrum 

On average, we reach over 100 thousand ad impressions per day 

We helped hundreds of clients target voters down to the district level and beyond



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