Digitales Politisches Campaigning

Reach More Voters.
Empower Them to Vote.

We’ll give you the possibility to identify voters so you can motivate them to go to the polls.

Target Voters with Extraordinary Accuracy

Extend Your Reach with Unparalleled Speed

Receive the Highest Level of Data Safety and Security

Access Real-time Insights and Intelligence

Voter Onboarding

We ingest and activate your campaign data for the sole purpose of matching and targeting your voters. Then, we anonymize the data with strong file encryption and data protection methods, ensuring that any personally identifiable information is protected from unauthorized use or disclosure.

Voter Matching and Targeting

We match your data with millions of anonymous voter profiles enabling you to target voters with extraordinary accuracy.

Our 70% match rate is far ahead of any other platform, so you can immediately start connecting voters to candidates and causes they support. You can learn exactly where your voters are located with accurate, scalable geo-targeting down to the district level and beyond.

Campaign Set Up

Conduct all your digital media buying in one scalable voter-targeting platform. we help you reach the right voters with the right messages across all digital channels and devices. Our real-time bidding platform gives you all the tools and insights you need to segment your audience, manage your budget, automate targeting, buy advertising, and view reporting.

Campaign Launch

Immediately Reach a World of Voters beyond the social media channels. Access your voters through our network of 2 million publishers. Whether you need to replace messaging about a new issue that has just entered the news cycle or you need to change creative, your ad campaign can be adjusted and go live within minutes.

Real-Time Voter Insights

Learn where undecided voters are located and how they feel about candidates and issues.Gain a better understanding of voter motivations to make strategic decisions, inform messaging, and drive engagement. IQM provides 24-7 campaign optimization and real-time voter insights so you can constantly improve user engagement, increase KPIs and enhance overall campaign performance.

We activated digital ad campaigns from across the political spectrum 

On average, we reach over 100 thousand ad impressions per day 

We helped hundreds of clients target voters down to the district level and beyond



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