Content Management

This is not about a private Facebook or Instagram account on which you occasionally post a holiday photo for friends or share an interesting article.
It's about your corporate communication!
The right social media profiles for you and your business.
But maybe you've asked yourself before:
who actually wants to be friends with a company?
Certainly your employees and / or cooperation partners.
But surely you have other target groups that you want to attract?
Your existing and potential customers, new cooperation partners, interested parties from comparable industries, potential employees, for example.
But how can you win these target groups and keep them interested in advertising for you?

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"Storytelling" is the keyword in agency language.
And that's what we're here for.
We continuously deliver content that engages.
Topics with added value, for example emotional and human stories, interesting facts, fun facts or useful tips.
You can also create content for your company that your target group "likes", shares and comments on. The so-called CTA's (Call-To-Action-Buttons) are important, because communication doesn't work one-dimensional.
Success in social networks is a constant give and take and must be served accordingly.
We help you to find a topic through continuous research. We create an editorial plan and deliver regular postings, even on weekends or holidays.
We take care of the implementation of the topics and offer you all-round support with specially created photos, selected stock photos, video, graphics and text.
We maintain your social media profiles and that also includes continuous community management.
We help you to achieve more interactions in social networks through regular, exciting content and thus to increase your number of followers.
And of course we also reliably deliver content for your newsletter and or blog and help you, with a simple trick, to draw followers to your homepage.
We publish your relevant topics on your website and distribute a »teaser« on social media.
And in order to generate more followers and draw attention to your homepage, we advertise the teasers and other interesting content via paid advertising formats, for example Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads.
And if you prefer to do some things yourself, we will coach your employees along the way.

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