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Wie viel Zeit verbringen Sie selbst online? Am Smartphone, Tablett, Laptop? Wie oft googeln Sie oder scrollen durch Ihren Newsfeed, posten ein Urlaubsselfie auf Instagram oder chatten mit Freunden auf Whatsapp? 

Ten minutes a day, an hour, several hours? 

Probably the same amount of time as your customers do. 
That's why you and your company should also be present where your customers are every day, online!
Because online marketing is: 
-Targeted and brings the message directly to your target audience. 
-Fast, you can advertise and disseminate content much more easily and evaluate results directly. 
-price effective, you can achieve a lot even as a small company without having a huge marketing budget. 
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We start with your targeted digital marketing strategy by sitting down and discussing the following questions: 
-What goals do you want to achieve for your company?
-Which possible target groups should be addressed? 
-What messages would you like to share with your consumers?
-Where should this content be distributed for the best impact? (Different channels or social media platforms)
What measures are necessary to generate a lasting following on your socials, to direct them to your homepage and to draw attention to your company in the long term?
-How much budget do you want to use?
Then we should begin with: 
an appealing homepage, if you do not have one yet or with a comprehensive analysis of your current website and the creation of a contemporary new website on a modern content management system (e.g. WordPress). An appealing design, a clear message and easy navigation for optimal use on all devices and for all search engines. 
We also take care of social media and develop a presence that is congruent with your company and is manageable in terms of content. 
We analyse and define your target group so that we can achieve a high reach, minimize waste coverage and thus make the best possible use of your budget.
Together with you, we define the type of content that inspires your target group and ultimately leads them to you. We continuously create exciting and informative content for your social media profiles and guarantee regular support. 
We take care of social media advertising and place ads on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc. so that more people see your postings and content, become permanent followers of your business and become more aware of your homepage, products and or services. We regularly study the reports of the advertising measures and adjust the campaigns accordingly.
We take care of the community development of your social media profiles and take care of the community management. 
We organize your e-mail marketing in the form of informative and regular newsletters, blog posts, sales campaigns in order to optimize your website traffic and help you to strengthen customer loyalty. 
And of course we help you with search engine optimization (SEO) and continuously maintain the content on your company website.
And if you have any further questions about why you should definitely start your digital communication and marketing offensive in 2020, then simply contact us. 

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