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We are specialists in setting and expanding online shops and their presence online.

Online shop analytics:
If we believe economists, data is the new gold, and so is your online shop.

A complete online marketing approach starts with:

1. Google Analytics
Let's find out how visitors reach your webshop and which pages they click on.

We help you with implementation, control and data interpretation.

2. E-commerce tracking:
Which products are most clicked on? Get an insight into how a visitor interacts with your website in order to optimize your webshop on the basis of this result. We will of course help you.  

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3. 3. Event tracking
Would you like more information about user interactions in your online shop? 
We measure what can be measured and ensure correct implementation.

4. 4. Conversion classification
Usually visitors only buy after visiting your webshop a few times. 
An attribution model gives us an insight into which click is most important for your web shop.

5. 5. Dashboard
We create a dashboards for all activities that we carry out for you. Dashboards give you a clear overview of your most important KPIs and sales successes online and in real time.

6. 6. Google Tag Manager
Keeping track of all kinds of activities quickly and easily, that is the strength of GTM. This is the most important basis for obtaining pure data and performance analysis.

Conversion Rate Optimierung (CRO)

Conversion optimization is an ongoing process that we use to analyze your webshop. With the data received, we remove conversion barriers and take advantage of opportunities at the same time!

1. 1. Conversion funnel Analysis
We identify opportunities through user tests, expert audits and user behavior analysis. Because nobody wants a web shop that doesn't generate any sales.

2. 2. Checkout optimization
An optimized checkout process can convert up to 20% better than a standard checkout. That's why we spend time optimizing the ordering process.

3. 3. Landing Page Optimization
Landing pages that are not optimized are a missed opportunity! We study which elements increase conversion and we do A / B testing to get better results.

4. 4. Form Analysis
We have experience in measuring forms and analyzing user records and heat maps. Data with which you can provide visitors with a personalized offer.

5. 5. CRO Copywriting
Your webshop can also benefit greatly from intelligent and compelling copy. In this way we guide your users seamlessly through the ordering process without errors.

6. 6. User Friendly Shop Design
A user-friendly web shop ensures a high conversion rate for visitors. In cooperation with the end user, we identify areas for improvement and continuously optimize them.

Search engine Advertising (SEA):
We generate traffic and realize conversions through Google Adwords/Keywordsearch.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is an ongoing process as there are always new potential customers. 
With a tailor-made SEO strategy, this organic top position is within reach.

Around two thirds of the online marketing budget goes to Google, Facebook and Amazon. Strive for more independence and a larger audience with the right partners.
We never stop optimizing campaigns.
Therefore, we continue to closely monitor the behavior of users and publishers and perform data analysis.

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