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Sometimes companies only think about communication strategies when a crisis arises. There is an uncomfortable truth in public relations. It is not a question of whether your company will slide into a PR crisis, but when.
From a small social media shit storm to a tangible PR crisis, a carefully planned crisis communication can better guide your company through difficult times.
We'll help you come up with a compelling plan to deliver dramatic news in an emergency.
Before a crisis, your reputation depends on your credibility.
The better your reputation, the more difficult it is to rattle it, and the faster you can recover from a minor crisis.
We therefore always strive to further improve and strengthen your reputation through positive news.
At the same time, we will prepare a »media emergency manual« so that all employees and managers in your company can communicate uniformly in the event of a crisis. 
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During a crisis, you need an effective crisis communication plan to minimize the damage to your company reputation.

We can help you with this by

 Writing clear and unambiguous press releases for you

 Coordinating your internal communication, because it has to be aligned before the external communication begins

 If necessary communicate with damaged and or affected customers/ business partners

 –Replying to reporters and then working openly and honestly with representatives of the media

 –Act as press spokesman if you lack the necessary clarity in the face of anger and criticism from the media
After a crisis, it is important to restore your company's credibility.
Not an easy task, but one that one can restore with transparency, continuity and patience.
We will help you restore your reputation by not hiding. On the contrary, after a crisis it is important to
On the contrary, after a crisis it is important to strengthen your corporate communication and to spread your positive news with increased frequency.

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