Why marketers consider Linkedin a B2B gold mine

by Apr 15, 2020

Why it's worth taking a look at the possibilities LinkedIn advertising has to offer:

This network is about the exchange of specialist knowledge and communication with experts, which is why decision-makers and executives of a company like to use LinkedIn. Most of the time, they stay on the platform for a long time and are actively looking for interesting content as an impetus for their own business processes.

The difference between Linkedin and Facebook: the users don't have to scroll endlessly through wedding photos, funny videos or holiday impressions; this is not about leisure time, but exclusively about business.

But before we get to why advertising on LinkedIn could be attractive for your company, here are a few numbers:

1) 1) LinkedIn now has over 675 million monthly users. 
As of April 2020.

2) 2) 57% of users are men and 43% are women.  

3) 3) 30 million companies are registered with LinkedIn.

If these numbers don't convince you, we've put together three more important reasons why you should consider promoting your company on LinkedIn.


1. Precise and targeted advertising (targeting) is the recipe for success. 

Targeting on LinkedIn is so efficient  because everything is based on first-party data. On other social networks, some users also tend to "reinvent themselves" or misrepresent themselves. This is highly unlikely with LinkedIn in connection with one's own company or employer. You probably wouldn't say you're head of a marketing department when in fact you just got hired as a junior online manager.
This means: as a contact and job exchange in the business area, transparency and honesty are a prerequisite for use with LinkedIn, because the members voluntarily share sensitive data about training, career and interests, previous projects, positions etc.

This also makes the targeting of LinkedIn advertising very precise  and enables marketers to target people in a targeted manner based on demographic data such as job function, seniority, company name,  geography, industry and additionally through interest-oriented targeting such as: education, skills and honorary positions, as well as their address (contact lists).
With LinkedIn advertising, you can be very sure that you will actually reach the entered target group and that with minimal wasted coverage, in otherwords a highly effective use of your ad spend


2. LinkedIn users are looking for information and expertise!

A study shows that 71% of LinkedIn users consider the content of the network as a trustworthy resource. With around 9 billion content impressions per week, it can also be deduced that users in this network are active for very different reasons and not necessarily just because they are looking for a job.

Many users log into LinkedIn regularly to exchange ideas with professionals, leaders, read relevant content, communicate with companies and their experts, and make contacts.


So why advertise and not just consume relevant content as a user?

Because, as already mentioned, decision-makers and managers go through this network. Whether as a marketing or communication agency, as a freelance web designer or event planner, as a real estate agent or property developer, regardless of the industry, the probability that you or your advertising will be discovered by an entrepreneur or employees relevant to the occupation of these services is high.

There is also the exciting possibility of sponsoring interesting articles and thus increasing the number of followers  or expanding your own network.

While Facebook is geared towards entertainment and Twitter is reduced to a headline at most because of the character limit, information and expertise can be shared and promoted on LinkedIn.


3. LinkedIn is becoming more and more successful as a tool for B2B marketing every day.

So far, 40% of monthly LinkedIn users use the platform every day, similar to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
However, with the increased daily use of linkedin, the more successful your advertising can be. LinkedIn advertising is still more expensive than other digital platforms such as Facebook or Google Ads.

However, if your products and services have high value and you are targeting the right audience, LinkedIn can generate affordable leads and be worthwhile for you.

If you want to know more, please contact us, we will be happy to send you more information on how to create your own LinkedIn advertisement or we will help you with it.