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Your appearance in front of the camera and microphone rarely fails because of what you said, but rather how
you conveyed your message. You are the expert in your field and maybe you answered the questions with precise clarity in an initial preliminary talk on the phone, but in the live interview on TV you seem erratic and cannot deliver your message well.

No wonder if you have to focus more on what camera to look at or how loudly you speak into the microphone than on what to say.

We can change that by giving you the security you need through:
-Interview training
-Voice and language exercises
-An optimal visual impression
-Group seminars, one on one training
-Reporter/Press officer – Role playing 
-Analysis of interviews with camera assistance
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Working with the press can be a challenge, even trained and experienced politicians or spokespersons have difficulties,
especially dealing with crisis situations.
Our job is to improve your skills and familiarize you with unusual interview situations, whether it’s a television interview, a talk show or a live performance in front of a larger audience.
Every situation is different and requires optimal preparation. Only when you feel confident in every public appearance can you showcase your best self and convey your message confidently.
We will help you with the know-how and your background knowledge will do the rest.

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