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Studies show that more and more citizens are now getting information on political topics on the Internet, especially through social media, which has allowed the political discourse to reach new levels and larger audiences online
However, political campaigning follows its own laws and faces its own challenges and difficulties, differing slightly from those faced in corporate communication.
These include, for example, budget planning, which can often only be carried out during a campaign due to the uncertain receipt of donations, as well as current political events that may make it necessary to realign the communication strategy. 
Thanks to our extensive know-how in municipal political election campaigns, as well as regular training at home and abroad, we can help you make your campaign a success:
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-with a careful analysis in preparation for the election campaign
-with a clear objective and strategy tailored to the respective target groups
-with precise organization of the campaign team with clear responsibilities and a motivated team spirit
-with careful planning of the story and its "clear" core messages as brand recognition
uniform social media strategy including design and storytelling
-with accompanying paid advertising formats, for example Facebook Ads
-with accompanying paid advertising formats, for example Facebook Ads
-with a mobilization of influencers, as online multipliers and to achieve more reach 
-with effective "hands on" coaching and media training
-with regular meetings to review strategies and messages and adjust them if necessary.
And with a comprehensive follow-up, because as the saying goes in German: "After the election is before the election".
This last important topic is often forgotten in an election campaign.
Once the battle has been fought, regardless of whether the election was won or lost, evaluations and manoeuvre criticism are usually forgotten. You should spend more time and energy afterwards to document, analyze, exchange experiences and learn from mistakes for the next time.

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