Social Media Concepts

Social Media enables you and your company to share your news directly and easily with your existing and potential customers. It works like your own newspaper, radio or television station.
With social media you have the chance to tell your own stories when you want and how you want.
However the success of social media also has its own rules and requires a willingness to be transparent and consistent.
A TV news broadcast has to be consistent or a newspaper has to be posted at regular intervals. So regular postings are essential for a successful social media strategy.
And not only that, because communication doesn’t work well one dimensionally, communication is a give and take.
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If you post, your target group should be allowed to comment and you should respond to the comments in your community. That is the only way to create a flowing dialogue, increase your following, obtain constant community feedback, align yourself with your community, and become more successful online.
Like, share, comment, follow, the so-called CTA’s (call-to-action buttons) and their use are the secret to success on social media. Only through use of them does a community develop, your followers, customers, fans. But this is an ongoing process and means continuous commitment, not only in "posting" but also in "community management".
We will be happy to help you and will start with your social media positioning.
The choice of your social media profiles depends primarily on your target audience.
What use is an Instagram account to you if your company cannot provide quality pictures and content?
Why should you include TikTok if your target audience is 50+?
We clarify these and other questions together and then work out your tailor-made strategy.
We help you with the implementation of a visual concept for your social media profiles, as well as with the support of regular content, as well as the processing of comments and ongoing community management.

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