Create maximum clarity on all channels

by May 11, 2020

How to maneuver and use communication effectively during a crisis:

How long was your store closed, your restaurant, your salon, and your employees not able to go to the office? Wow! That long!?
And? Did your customers miss you and / or did you miss your customers? Did you reach out to your customers during this time or did you completely shut down your external corporate communications during this long stretch of time?

And now? Have you already successfully implemented all the measures required to open your business again? Did you explain this to your employees? Do your customers know about it?

And what if everything changes again tomorrow? One step forward and two steps back. The process can be frustrating.

The lockdown in itself is not the challenge, the cautious easing of regulations and constant changes can be challenging. In the Corona crisis, politicians speak of months or even years in which the so-called “new normal” must be lived. The virus remains dynamic, as does your corporate communication. Perhaps you gave yourself a little break in the initial phase, when you didn't know how long it would take, when you didn't want to strain the budget too much and didn't know how to deal with your target group during this strange time. But by now you have probably updated your homepage, switched from a standstill to a new beginning, hung welcome signs on the entrance doors and started your social media profiles: it starts again!

There is still a lot of confusion, every federal state has different rules, every industry as well. Within these new set of rules, every entrepreneur can decide for himself when to open their business, with and how to implement these new rules in his company.

The most important thing: Help your customers, your target group, your business partners to find you again with clear communication

1) Explain all the rules step by step and how they are implemented in your company.

2) Let us know your (new) opening times and once again share your contact details, email address (es) and telephone number(s).

3) Share a list of the most important questions and answers (FAQ)

4) Draw attention to yourself with campaigns and lure your target group with offers that make you want to take the first step into the "new normal".

5) Share your experiences and emotions through stories. Tell us about your time in “lockdown” and let your employees have their say.

6) Share your problems with the implementation of the measures, but also willingly help others by sharing your solutions.

7) Update the new information regularly on your website.

8) Post more on your social media profiles, your competition will be doing that too. Be faster.

9) Remember, Your Online Presence Is ineffective Without Online Marketing!
Use digital advertising and advertise not only your actions, but also the new information on social media. In times of crisis, these are not known to all customers. Not everyone reads the daily changes in the press or the regulations of the respective federal states continuously.

10) Please don't forget your community management during these times. Listen to the comments of your target group and exchange ideas with them. Respond to the mood of your customers.

Confusion, uncertainty and fear may prevent many people from enjoying the new relaxation. Clear information can give your customers the good feeling that they are getting closer to the "new normal".
But to do this you have to do more than before. Information on the website is not enough. First of all, your customers have to remember you and click on your website!
That's why current and regular posts on your social media profiles help, but only if your number of followers is large enough.
With digital advertisements you get more reach for your campaigns, you can spread your information in a more targeted manner and increase your target group in these challenging times, or direct interested parties directly to your website.

In short, it is not enough to rearrange the goods, prepare the tables and unlock the door, remember: your business was in standstill for a long time. To get it started again, you need strength, perseverance and an advanced communication strategy for your customers and your target group.

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us - right now it is all the more important to offer your customers even more service and to make yourself noticeable or to remind them of them again.